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The Hive featured on TED talk:

February 15, 2017

The Hive is featured in Maurice Conti's Ted Talk: "The incredible inventions of intuitive AI"

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Crowdsourced Fabrication

Crowdsourced Fabrication

Project Information page: In recent years, extensive research in the HCI literature has explored interactive techniques for digital fabrication. However, little attention in this body of work has examined how to involve and guide human workers in fabricating larger-scale structures. We propose a novel model of crowdsourced fabrication, in which a large number of workers and volunteers are guided through the process of building a pre-designed structure. The process is facilitated by an intelligent construction space capable of guiding individual workers and coordinating the overall build process. More specifically, we explore the use of smartwatches, indoor location sensing, and instrumented construction materials to provide real-time guidance to workers, coordinated by a foreman engine that manages the overall build process. We report on a three day deployment of our system to construct a 12’-tall bamboo pavilion with assistance from more than one hundred volunteer workers, and reflect on observations and feedback collected during the exhibit. ______________________________________ The is a research project from Autodesk Research, in collaboration with in collaboration with the Autodesk Applied Research Lab, The Living, ICD Stuttgart and Marcelo Coelho Studio. Benjamin Lafreniere, Tovi Grossman, Fraser Anderson, Justin Matejka, Heather Kerrick, Danil Nagy, Lauren Vasey, Evan Atherton, Nicholas Beirne, Marcelo Coelho, Nicholas Cote, Steven Li, Andy Nogueira, Long Nguyen, Tobias Schwinn, James Stoddart, David Thomasson, Ray Wang, Thomas White, David Benjamin, Maurice Conti, Achim Menges, George Fitzmaurice. (2016). Crowdsourced Fabrication UIST 2016 Conference Proceedings: ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology Autodesk Research
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